Sunday, August 12, 2012

Recipes 4 Shweet Living Has New Additions

Pop over to our Recipe Blog, Recipes 4 Shweet Living and check out some of the newest additions for your juicing pleasure.
We added our newest favorite Sandi's Beet It Juice Recipe today.
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From Breakfast Juices to Chips and Salsa Juice... Lunch to creations to make from your pulps we have created some fun and funky new ideas that we are sharing with all of you.
Juice On... Stay Healthy....Live Long!
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Anatomy of A Great Juice

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know I love to mix up the fruits and veggies and the more the merrier can really bring you bright burst of flavor. My niece has been coming over a couple days a week and she likes to make up juice the minute she walks in the door each morning. We talked about how to make up juices so that they are healthy for us and still taste good. Then I noticed that Olivia always grabs a handful of my kale as her first ingredient in her morning juice and works from there. So that is what we are going to do too. Start with the kale and build our juice from there. You need to work with 80 to 20 ratio veggie to fruits but in the mornings when I have my morning medicines I like to have more fruits than the rest of the day. So, when picking your recipes see what makes you happy. Juice those things together and taste often of the mix.

Add more or additional produce to the mix and make sure you take notes because when you hit on that perfect glass of juice you want to be able to make it again.

This is Olivia's Breakfast Juice
2 cup fresh bing cherries (pitted)
2 cup green grapes ( you can use red or black)
8 leaves of kale
2 granny smith apples
1 pear
2 large peaches
5 clementine oranges (peeled)
1 large naval orange (Peeled)
2 lemons (peeled)
1 lime (peeled)
4 carrots
2 Large Cucumbers

Juice everything in the order listed. The reason being the softer fruit leave residue behind in the juicer and the harder fruit like the apples, carrots and cucumbers will wash all the yummy sludge or residue out and none will be wasted. This recipe makes a HUGE pitcher full of juice. I love this ice cold and also pour some of this into freezer molds and make Popsicle for the hot summer day. Perfect for after my daily walk around the block in our 107 degree heat!
The most important thing to remember when making your juice up is to pick one piece of produce and start from there. I try to start all my juices from kale now. I then build my juice around whether I want it to taste green and fresh or nice and fruity. Second thing to remember is to take notes... snap a picture or two (those iphones and instagrams are good for something now right). Third thing is the most important thing...DON'T BE AFRAID TO PLAY WITH YOUR JUICE!! YEP YOU HAVE THIS MOM'S PERMISSION TO PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!
Til Tomorrow
Juice ON!