Monday, December 31, 2012


Many people many New Year resolutions that some are lucky if they last 1 maybe two weeks into the year before they break them. Not my husband and I. We are beginning a new ERA the ERA of Healthy Living.
Last year in March we watched Joe Cross's movie  Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, joined his community Join The Reboot and I went in search of facebook friends who also might be interested in helping me learn about this journey in Juicing to Better Health.

As many of you know, I juiced a good number of days and lost a good amount of weight. Most importantly I went from 22 medicines down to 6 yes count them ~6~! I am so excited! I am no where close to where I need to be weight or health wise BUT considering where I was 8 months ago when I started this journey I am way ahead of the curve.

Our New ERA
1.So Marty and I committed to no processed foods in our home.
2.Only fresh foods.
3. We cook our own foods or if we eat out it is some place we know it is made from 100% fresh or  Fresh/Raw.
4. Month of January Sandi will be taking part in a Juice Feast. That means I will only eat/drink fresh juices or water.
 I do not do this to loose weight quickly but to reboot my body. This give my organs a much needed rest. While they rest I am taking in high concentrations of vitamins and nutrients from the fresh juices. It is like getting a blood transfusion only this is a nutrient/vitamin transfusion.

I will be posting on here as the days go by and also adding some of my recipes to my recipe blog.
I weighed in this morning so I know where I am starting 232 pounds... gotta find the tape measure and will post that too.
 So if anyone is starting a Juice Cleanse or Feast as we call it on Jan 1 and plan to do to for the whole 31 days, join NOW on Facebook.
Hope you will follow me this year...Share with me your experience in getting healthy both in body as well as spirit too.
Til tomorrow when we start our Journey into our new ERA or Life!
Stay Healthy
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pie Gluten Free and Healthy

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pie
Gluten Free, Vegan and oh so Healthy for YOU...
Better Yet Tastes Great too!

This is a recipe I made up from about 4 different ones I found on the internet. I add my own twist to make it Gluten Free and because I love chocolate and I thought adding coco nibs or chocolate chips would make that nice rich touch to this classic holiday dessert.

1 1/2 cups Oats
1/4 cup walnuts
1/4 cup cashews
3 Tablespoons Date Syrup or Organic Maple Syrup
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
1/4 cup Apple or Pear Sauce.(unsweetened)

**Note on Date Syrup: I made my own. I placed 6 big dates in a sauce pan and added 1 1/2 cup water and brought to a boil. Let it boil about 5 minutes.Then take it off the burner and let it cool down. Place the soften dates and water into blender and blend. This syrup can be used to sweeten baked goods. Whatever is left place in the fridge.

** NOTES on THE NUTS: The nuts in this crust can be toasted. You can use any type of nut you like, pecan, walnut, cashew or a mix. Experiment and find the combo you like best. If toasting do it lightly and don't add salt.

Now on to making this crust. Place the oats, cinnamon and nuts into a food processor and pulse until course. Place this mixture into a large bowl and add  the syrup and sauce of your choice. Sir until all is mixed well. Press into a pie plate.... along the bottom and work the crust slightly up the sides.

BAKE in an oven at 375 degrees for 10 minutes. Take out of oven and cool completely.

1 1/2 Cup Canned Pumpkin
1/2 Cup Maple or Date Syrup
1 Cup Almond Milk
1/4 Cup Arrow Starch ( can use corn starch if you don't have this)
1 Tablespoon Fresh Ginger (can use dried if you prefer)
1/2 teaspoon fresh Nutmeg
1 1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
3/4 teaspoon ground cloves
**1/4 cup coco nibs or chocolate chips***

Combine the milk,  and arrow root starch... add the rest of the ingredients  (except for the chocolate chips or coco nubs) and mix well. This makes a custard like pie so it will look kinda like a pudding. Fold in 1/4 cup of coco nibs or chocolate chips. Pour this mixture into the pie crust.
Bake in Oven at 375 degrees for 35 minutes. You will know it is baked when the outer edges are set.

Let cool and cut. OMG this is So good. You can also make this pie up without the chocolate if you want or mix up the spices. I plan to make this up with Shweet Potato, Cranberries and lime for Christmas.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cranberry Shweet Potato Juice

Today I started on juices and sauces for Thanksgiving. Here is one of the juices I made up today that came out really good.
Cranberry Sweet Potato Juice
2 Cups fresh Cranberries
2 Gala Apples
1 Garnet Sweet Potato medium
1 Orange
Juice in order listed. This will rock your world for Thanksgiving!

Til tomorrow

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fennel, Beet, Prickly Pear Pick Me Up Juice Recipe

Now if the title of this new recipe has not scared you away I would love to share with you this Smooth Morning Juice I came up with today. Let's go back to my last visit to the Farmer's Market. While we were there I decided to pick up at least 2 items I have never juiced before and create a new recipe. So the two new items are Fennel and Prickly Pears or cactus.  I brought them home and started my journey of creating a new recipe not only for good taste but also for the healing properties.

Health Benefits

What can Fennel can do for you... It's main aid is on your digestion. It will help to regulate you as well as in reliving nausea, indigestion, constipation and flatulence. You can also use fennel to detox your body as it works as a natural tonic for your kidneys, liver and spleen. It has a very sweet licorice taste which can be controlled by the amount of fennel you use and also by the other produce you juice along side it.

Prickly Pear,  Cactus, Nopales different name for the same plant. This fruit of a cactus plant, really interests me as I have high cholesterol and have worked long and hard to lower it with proper diet and without the use of medicines. Cactus has polysaccharides fibers which help to lower LDL Cholesterol (the bad kind) and triglycerides (fat cells). It also high antioxidants which is always a good thing.

So now that I know about my two new produce and the benefits so next the big thing...
Both the Fennel which tastes like licorice and the Nopales or Prickly Pear which really has no taste maybe a slight vanilla taste will work well in many combos. The Nopales when juiced is slightly thick....I thought it might be slimy but I was pleasantly surprised to find when I juiced the green cactus the juice was clear, slightly thick and lightly flavored. I decided to add it to one of my morning juice recipes and                                          see how it taste. I was not disappointed  Oh let me say I do NOT like licorice AT ALL. BUT the fennel juice is not overly sweet and when added to the right combo of other juices it accents and did not over power.

Fennel, Beet, Prickly Pear 
Pick Me Up Morning Juice

1 Cup Cranberries
6 Large Strawberries

2 Bartlett Pears
1 Large Beet
1 Prickly Pear (Cactus)
1 Fennel Bulb
1 Large Gala Apple
1 Large Granny Smith Apple

8 Carrots
Juice in the Order Shown Above. Drink over Ice or Cold.

Til Tomorrow
Eat and Stay Healthy

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Eat 2 Live Lunch

I've been reading Dr Fuhrman's,  Eat To Live Book and have been really studying it closely. Each day I take one of his ideas and add it to my juicing regimental.  Since I had juice for breakfast today I decided to have a nice filling salad for lunch.
I started with a large mixing bowl and I added the following and mixed them well.
2 handfuls of baby spinach
4 handfuls of Spring Mix (i buy the premixed and I wash it.)
(It includes baby lettuce, baby greens, endives and radicchio)
6 baby bella mushrooms cleaned and chopped
2 roma tomatoes chopped or 1 beefsteak
1/2 of a large cucumber sliced and chopped
1 Cup mixed beans (I use Kroger's Organic brand of Three Bean mix) Rinsed and drained

Then I made up the dressing below and added it to my salad and lightly stired it around until it is all coated.
1/8 of a sweet onion chopped well
2 cloves of garlic minced
1 orange juiced
1 lime juiced
black pepper

Notice I did not add salt and did not feel like I needed it at all! Yeah! The taste buds have changed and do not crave it now! I started with a large bowl of this and placed the remainder in the fridge. I ate as much as I wanted and guess what this is actually love calorie and very good for you. I adding a large glass of ice cold water and I have been full all afternoon.
Til tomorrow
Eat Healthy Today

Monday, October 8, 2012

White Bean Soup for a Fall Day

Today is kinda cold here in the Dallas area...Woke up to 39 degrees and that is a bit chilly. So I wanted  to make up a pot of soup that is healthy and filling and tastes good. This is the soup I made....Must say it DOES taste good and very easy to create. You can put everything into a crock pot and turn it on as you leave out the door in the morning and it will be ready for you when you get home. I choose to cook mine on the stove since I was home anyway and cleaning out the fridge.

Here is Sandi's White Bean Soup
1 Can Organic Great Northern White Beans (15 oz) rinsed well
1 Can 14.5oz of Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes
+ 1 Can of Water
5 Roma Tomatoes pureed in the blender
4-6 oz of Frozen Corn (if you use canned rinse well)
3 oz  Frozen Bell Pepper (if using fresh 1 small Bell Pepper)
4 oz Chopped Frozen Onion (or 1 small fresh)
dried garlic or 3 cloves fresh chopped
2 - 3 Tablespoons Italian seasoning dried
1 Tablespoon Paprika
1/2 Tablespoon or more Black Pepper

After everything above cooks down you will want to add in the following.
1/2 Cup Brown Rice
1/2 Cup Quinoa

 (If cooking in the crock pot I would transfer the soup to a stock pan and cook the  Brown Rice and Quinoa in the soup. They will take in all the flavors from the soup and you will not taste the nutty flavor from the brown rice. Personally I find Quinoa to be bland but in this soup it is amazing! You might need to add extra liquid (I added fresh tomato juice but water is fine) as the rice and quinoa are cooking as they do take up moisture. Cook the soup at least 30 more minutes or until the rice and qunioa are cooked.

**YOU Will Noticed I have not added salt again. I personally am not adding salt to my soups as I find that my using most fresh or frozen produce, I don't have the need for the extra salt. You can add it of course just remember don't over salt.*8

You will have leftovers and I know..."WHO wants to eat the same thing day after day". Well here is a fun way to enjoy our leftover soup and yet it will be different.  Clean 1 cup of fresh spinach and place it in the bottom of a large soup bowl. Ladle your hot White Bean Soup on top of the Spinach. Let it sit for about 3-4 minutes and then stir and enjoy. The hot soup will cook your spinach and add a how new depth to your soup.

Other Add ins:
Steamed Broccoli
Steamed Carrots
Fresh Tomatoes Cut in Chunks
Spaghetti Squash
The list is endless...

Hope you enjoy this soup as much as we did. Love to hear from you. If you would like to share your recipes on our blog please drop me a  note at
Til Tomorrow
Live Healthy!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vegan Chili Oh So Good

Dr Fuhrman got me thinking a whole new way about eating. I have been reading his books Eat to Live and Super Immunity and both books have recipes for soups and stews that are simple and easy for you to make and eat every day of the week. So, I decided to make up our own chili for us to eat on this week. I made this chili up on my way to RCIA Class Monday night. I put it in the crock pot at 5 pm.... it was ready to eat when we got home from class at 9pm.

Here is what it took.

1 can of Diced Salsa Style Tomatoes
(Fire Roasted in Tomato Puree) mine was Kroger brand
1 Can of Water (use the tomato can)
1 can Tri- Bean Blend 15 oz
(Simple Truth Organic from Kroger) rinsed under water
6 oz Frozen Whole Kernel Corn
3 oz Frozen Bell Pepper
3 oz Frozen Chopped Onion
chopped garlic as much as you like ( I use fresh some people use dry)
Adjust the following spices to fit yourself
Chili Pepper - 1 Tablespoon
Cumin- 1 Tablespoon
Paprika- 1 Tablespoon
Black Pepper- 1/2 Tablespoon
I personally do not add Salt... You can add salt if you wish.
This makes a small crock pot full of chili. I put it on to cook on high for 4 hours and it is perfect when i got home. It is vegan NO meat in it. I  plan to add mushrooms to my chili tonight to get a "meat" variety and will let you know how it works out. I plan to add the mushrooms at the end maybe the last 2 hours.

If you make  this I would love to hear how it turns out for you. Drop me a note.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Funday Sunday with the Family

September 2 was another Funday Sunday where in the Tree House. Zoe Bug and her Momma where here all day long. Momma and I sneaked away to go birthday shopping for The Bug's 1st birthday next weekend. We visited a Whole Foods first to get a fresh made juice... I had a BEET IT (orange, beets, carrots and lemons) and Keelee had a Good Morning Juice (orange, carrots and apples.) The perfect start for our 4 store shopping spree. Whole Foods and Sprouts for our good healthy foods and soaps and Dollar Tree and Target for party supplies and birthday clothing. Even picked up Zoe's 1st Christmas gift from Fisher Price (of course). Got some fun snapshots of the baby playing with the citrus and apples here at the house. Lots of fun now time to sleep so I can finish her 1st Birthday doll and whip up some doll blankets and pillow for her buggy.

Til tomorrow
Stay juicing and healthy!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's a New Juicing Month!

September is here and with it a new challenge... Work out 3 days a week at the gym and get the weight lowered some more. It has been 5 1/2 months since I started my journey to better health. So far I have lowered by weight from 259 pounds to 204 pounds. At the present my weight is up a little from that but part of that is from some unexplained swelling in my legs. Even so I am very happy and feel so much better than I did when I started 2012.

 My goal this month is to hit the 200 mark. To keep me honest and on point I commit to sharing with  You my friends, my daily steps.

Stepping I did this morning with my Beet It Juice and an hour walk around the Apt Complex. Not to bad heat wise at 7:30am and Chico my hearing ear dog loved it.

Lunch was created with some extra zip from my plums that were getting soft. YUMMM.
One thing I know I need to do is lower my fruits and raise my greens and veggies in my juices. So hard when it is hot outside and I just want ice cream SO BAD. But I just might have reached the perfect combo for my lunch juice. I have some freezing for a quick whip in the blender tonight for an "Ice Dessert".

My lunch juice was

6 plums ( smaller)
1 Cup of Fresh Cherries
3 Slices of Fresh Pineapple

1 Beet
2 Oranges
12 Carrots
1 Organic Cucumber

Juice in the order listed... The reason being that the harder produce will wash out the residue left from the softer produce... Nothing is wasted.

So now I am off to make Mean Green and do some sewing for my grand daughter's 1st Birthday.
Til Later

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Recipes 4 Shweet Living Has New Additions

Pop over to our Recipe Blog, Recipes 4 Shweet Living and check out some of the newest additions for your juicing pleasure.
We added our newest favorite Sandi's Beet It Juice Recipe today.
If you like Mangoes come by and check out Mango Madness.
From Breakfast Juices to Chips and Salsa Juice... Lunch to creations to make from your pulps we have created some fun and funky new ideas that we are sharing with all of you.
Juice On... Stay Healthy....Live Long!
Shweet Sandi

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Anatomy of A Great Juice

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know I love to mix up the fruits and veggies and the more the merrier can really bring you bright burst of flavor. My niece has been coming over a couple days a week and she likes to make up juice the minute she walks in the door each morning. We talked about how to make up juices so that they are healthy for us and still taste good. Then I noticed that Olivia always grabs a handful of my kale as her first ingredient in her morning juice and works from there. So that is what we are going to do too. Start with the kale and build our juice from there. You need to work with 80 to 20 ratio veggie to fruits but in the mornings when I have my morning medicines I like to have more fruits than the rest of the day. So, when picking your recipes see what makes you happy. Juice those things together and taste often of the mix.

Add more or additional produce to the mix and make sure you take notes because when you hit on that perfect glass of juice you want to be able to make it again.

This is Olivia's Breakfast Juice
2 cup fresh bing cherries (pitted)
2 cup green grapes ( you can use red or black)
8 leaves of kale
2 granny smith apples
1 pear
2 large peaches
5 clementine oranges (peeled)
1 large naval orange (Peeled)
2 lemons (peeled)
1 lime (peeled)
4 carrots
2 Large Cucumbers

Juice everything in the order listed. The reason being the softer fruit leave residue behind in the juicer and the harder fruit like the apples, carrots and cucumbers will wash all the yummy sludge or residue out and none will be wasted. This recipe makes a HUGE pitcher full of juice. I love this ice cold and also pour some of this into freezer molds and make Popsicle for the hot summer day. Perfect for after my daily walk around the block in our 107 degree heat!
The most important thing to remember when making your juice up is to pick one piece of produce and start from there. I try to start all my juices from kale now. I then build my juice around whether I want it to taste green and fresh or nice and fruity. Second thing to remember is to take notes... snap a picture or two (those iphones and instagrams are good for something now right). Third thing is the most important thing...DON'T BE AFRAID TO PLAY WITH YOUR JUICE!! YEP YOU HAVE THIS MOM'S PERMISSION TO PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!
Til Tomorrow
Juice ON!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olivia's Blender Sorbet

My niece has been coming over and spending a few days a week with me.  While we enjoy making and drinking fresh juice at my place, I know she doesn't have a juicer at her house, so I want to teach her she can create healthy and tasty food with her blender. This is what she came up on her first try. Let me warn you this post is very PICTURE HEAVY!

Olivia's Blender Sorbet
1/2 Musk Melon (What we call a Cantaloupe in the USA)
2 Cups Strawberries
1 pint Blueberries
1 Lime
1 Orange
1/2 Cup bottled water
Step By Step Directions:
Make sure to have all your produce washed and cut before you start blending. We used a Hamilton Beach Personal Blender. It is safe and easy to use. Let's begin to make our base to Olivia's Sorbet.

Place a handful of musk melon and 2 inches of bottled water into your blender and pulse until it is a liquid. Add more musk melon (cantaloupe) and pulse. As it reaches the fill line remove some into a large bowl, keeping some of the liquid in the blender and continue to process the musk melon.

Follow the Musk Melon with your Strawberries. Process them in the same method as you have your musk melon. Add a small amount of strawberries to your liquid and pulse until it is a liquid. MAKE SURE THE BLADES ARE OFF AND YOU DO NOT PLACE YOUR FINGERS TO FAR DOWN INTO THE BOWL!
Next Olivia said to use the hand held juicer to juice the lime.

Instead of juicing it in half's cut off  a little bit off of one end and place it in the juicer.

Squeeze the juicer and tip it to the side allowing the juice to flow into the bowl of the blender. Flip the the lime over and squeeze this again. Now fold the lime in half place it in the press and squeeze it one more time. NOW you have all the juice out of the lime. WOW Olivia! It really works!

Now on to more fruit for this Sorbet. Now that you have your lime juice in your strawberry liquid add some of your blueberries and blend.
Now you can blend all your blueberries in the same method as you have all your other fruit. Remember to remove it to your bowl as it gets to be to much.
The last thing you need to do is to add the orange juice to your mixture. 
One of the easiest ways to do this is to cut your orange into 8 pieces, insert it into your lemon squeezer and go to town. Simple, easy and super fast.

Now Stir your mix together and pour it into a glass to drink ( yes it makes a great Smoothie)
Or Place in a Freezable Container and place in your freezer for about 4-6 hours.
 Once it is nice an frozen remove from your freezer. Allow to stand out for 15-25 minutes until you can scrap it with a fork.Then do just that. Scrap the surface of the sorbet with a fork and mix it up. Using a spoon or ice cream scoop loosely scoop your sorbet into a glass or bowl. Enjoy.
(You can do this with fresh juice as well. )

Friday, July 6, 2012

Re-Inventing the Shweet Potato Juice Recipe That Is

I am a Southern girl and what Southern girl doesn't lover her Shweet Potatoes. I know I am on  Juice Cleanse but I can still enjoy my favorite desserts ... but as my dinners now. The really cool thing is I am not knocking myself out with all the high sugar or calories.

This is my NEW Shweet Potato N Fruits Juice Recipe
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen shweet dark cherries 
2 cups black grapes
2 granny smith apples
1 large shweet potato
1 lime peeled 
Juice everything together in the order shown. A very easy way to juice frozen fruits is to add them to your juicer's food shoot while it is off. Place the plunger in the top and turn it on. Juice that bunch and do the next.It only took me 3 times to get all my berries, cherries and grapes juiced. THEN you follow with your apples,lime and shweet potato. The hard fruit and veggies will wash out the sludge of the frozen fruit and grapes.  The lime juice cuts the starchy taste of the shweet potato and makes this a wonderful thick yet refreshing 
summertime drink.

 A great way to re-invent the Shweet Potato...Juice that is.

Til tomorrow
Stay Juicy and Healthy My Friends

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oops I did it Again... I Ate!

Yep you read that right I ate something. When I first started my juice cleanse I set a goal for 10 days. After about 3 days I knew I would go 30. Half way into that 30 I set my goal for 60 and then I set it for 90. I ended up on a total juice cleanse for 98 days before I had my first piece of fruit.

Success!!  I lost a total of 47 pounds and 8 inches on my waist. I went from a size 24 to size 18. I started this journey unable to walk from my Tree House Apt to the mail box and now I am able to walk a mile and a half. I think one of the best side effects of the juice cleanse is it has helped my body heal and in healing it has allowed me to remove several of my many medicines.
1.No more depression meds... I am so happy and feel better than I have in more years than I can remember. 2.No more migraine medicine. Two weeks into my juice cleanse my 12+ year long, constant, NEVER ending migraine finally just disappeared. Went to bed with it one day and the next morning I woke up and it was not there. Poof !Gone!
3. When beginning this cleanse my cholesterol level was 285 now it is back in normal range. that was at 60 days. So no more cholesterol medicines needed.
4. Ulcer medicines are GONE! Yep I was taking a 1200.00 a month ulcer medicine called AciHex. It is the only medicine that I have ever taken that allowed me to sleep laying down.  By adding cabbage and other veggies in the cabbage family like bok choy to my juices once a day I am healing my stomach and intestines and it has allowed me to get off of that pill as well.

Amazing!!! I feel better than i can ever remember. YES I ate something but i was fruit or veggie and still very healthy. So as of now I am back on the Juice Cleanse so I am praying to be 100 pounds lighter this time next year. Well off to make some Juice and free some for sorbet later.
|~Til tomorrow

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tomato Basil Delights...

When I started writing this blog I knew I wanted to share my recipes for juice as well as other healthy creations. So as you know, I also started a Recipe Blog, Recipes 4 Shweet Living,  where you can find all the Recipes that we have come up with as well as some that I am sharing from my friends.
Tomato Juice has really helped me this past month. I have a great deal of pain from my Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, pulling my back out, kidney and gallstones and tomato juice has helped me to control my pain level without having to take medicine. I just wanted to share a couple things that I created from Tomatoes on my Recipe Blog. Wanted to make sure you saw them so that maybe they will help you out too. (PS Tomatoes are great for fighting cancers too!)

Come by Recipes 4 Shweet Living and check out the Tomato Basil Juice Recipe.

While you are there come see what we did with the Pulp from the Juice. Don't want to throw away something so good, we want to use everything we can. YUMMO

Til Tomorrow
Stay Juicy

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender...One YOU Can't Live Without!

It's not often that I find a product out there that I simply can't live without...BUT we found one! As many of you know I am in the midst of my First Juice Cleanse. I started this journey on March 21 and here it is day 86 and I discovered that HEY, I really know some cool information and tid bits that others might enjoy. So, today I wanted to share with you one really COOL Devise that we simply can't live without.
Our Hamiltion Beach Personal Blender. This blender got wonderful reviews and for $15.96 we figured we could not go wrong at least trying it out. Picked up the blender on Sunday and we have used it every day since then...MOST of the Time we use it multiple times a day.
The blender will chop up everything from fruits and veggies and even ICE. It's wide mouth makes it so simple and easy to add produce to the container. Don't overfill this baby and you will love your outcome. So simple to clean and you are ready for your next Smoothie, Sauce or Slushy.
If you are *just juicing* or as I refer to it on a JUICE CLEANSE, this blender is perfect for you. Add your veggie and fruit juices to the container and some ice cubes and pulse. Soon you will have a delicious Slushie. Take some of the outcome and add it to few mini solo cups and pop into the freezer. If your juice is thick enough from the ice you can go ahead and place your popsicle stick in the middle before placing into the freezer. If not simple add the sticks once the mixture is at a slushy stage. Freeze and pop loose...ENJOY!

Now my huband is doing a Reboot. He is drinking juice as well as eating a healthy balanced diet.
Every morning he takes some Mean Green or Fruit Juice from the fridge and adds it to the container. After that he adds 4-6 strawberries (washed and tops removed). Put on the top and pulcse until smooth. If you want you can add fresh red or black grapes (seedless) or a banana. After adding a new fruit or veggie be sure to pulse. Now you have your fruits and veggies all nice and smooth you can add a few ice cubes and again...Pulse away. Take off the top and pour into a large glass. This Smootie is nice and fruity tasting yet you are getting veggies from the Mean Green. (Remember the Smoothie would be amazing frozen like a popsicle too!)
I was so amazed at the strength of this small blender. It is nice and light so I you get one for you home remember to pick up one to have at the office or to take on trips. This Mightly little Blender gets  2 thumbs up from us. Well, time to whip up a mid morning snack while here in the office with Marty. So until tomorrow~
~Stacy Juicy~

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 83 The Journey Continues

No one said this juice journey would be smooth and easy but for a while there I thought I would be one of the unique travelers. When I started my cleanse it WAS easy and smooth. No hunger pains and I was not running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. The longer I traveled down the juicing highway, the better I felt and the less  my ailments bothered me.

Then after almost 60 days I hit the inevitable pothole in my juicing journey... I got SiCk. Yes, It was not the normal sickness like I am used too either, it was a new kind.  So after wondering "Is this detox?" and my eye getting worse and worse I decided to visit the Eye Drs. Well, it was a trip in itself. Everywhere I walked the nurses and techs stopped me and asked what happened in the past 6 weeks that I looked so much smaller. Nice feeling to know they noticed but alias sad I was there a month before I had to go for my regular 3 month eye check. Anyway I had a major eye infection due NOT to my juice cleanse but to the steroids I had to use in my eyes because of my Sjogren's Disease. So antibiotics were given to take care of my poor eyes and by now the infection is even showing up in my kidneys. So I had a decision to make Juice ON? or Juice and eat raw while taking the medicines? After much thought and prayer I decided to ...JUICE ON!

So my journey continues forward. I am happy to say that for the first time since I can remember I had no issues with a round of antibiotics. Must have been the juice! Not to long after my eyes improved, I decided go grocery shopping. Found some amazing steals and deals on produce and even carried it upstairs, All By Myself. Later that same day I realized I was feeling better BUT not quite to the point of lifting 15 pound bags. So out goes the back. So on goes my journey to healing and I learned something new too. Even though I feel amazing from juicing for 80+ days, I still have to remember my body is healing. Don't over do things.

So as my journey continues I reflect on the past 83 days. I started this journey at 259 pounds and a tight size 24. Here I am 212 pounds and a size 18. I feel so much better than I have in over 25 years. So far I have lowered my medicines by 2 and I am looking forward to seeing how well my stomach and esophagus have healed next week when I visit my GI Doctor. So a few little bumps in the road and some stones even (kidney) but what journey worth traveling doesn't have some obstacles to overcome.

I have no idea where this journey will lead me but I do know the detestation's goal is to reach Better Health and a New Life Change.
Til Tomorrow
Stay Juice

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Farmer's Market Find and a New Juice..Yummo

Went to the Farmer's Market today with the family. It was so much fun strolling through the booths, picking out the fruits and vegetables we wanted to bring home to juice and eat. Zoe is the perfect age to teach her new foods and let her sample. Those 2 pearly teeth she has can do a good job on watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberries. Today she tried fresh peaches and tomatoes. She seemed to love them both! Yeah! Score 1 for healthy living!

Since we arrived at the Market towards the end of the day and we found some great bargains from our favorite vendors. Omar gave us a grocery bag FULL of bananas for only $2.00! (Wish I was eating Smoothies now.) We shared those with Keelee and Zoe. We went to Wes's Tomatoes and hit pay dirt... 25 pounds of beautiful big red tomatoes for $12.00! (Took the picture above after we shared with Keelee and I made my new Tomato Basil Juice too.)
The lessons I learned today....
1.When you visit your local Farmer's Market, visit towards the end of the day. You will get good deals.
2.Ask for a Better Deal... don't be afraid to ask too. Many vendors don't want to throw away really ripe veggies and fruits and if they know what you are doing with them...aka making juice, they are more likely to give you a good deal. ASK all they can say is no.
3. Make friends with the vendors you purchase your produce from. Learn their names and when you show up at their booth, call them by name. It may take a couple visits but after that the vendor will know and recognize you and you most likely will get a better deal. It might be lower prices or in our case our favorite vendor Omar gives us extra produce each visit.
4. Bring your friends and family to the Market and introduce them to your vendor friends! Spread the word about the good service and produce you receive! Blog about them, write a note to the owner of the Farmer's Market thanking them for being there and if it is run by the city like our Dallas market is...write to the city letting them know you are happy to have the Market there and how wonderful the produce is.
WHY? We want to keep our local Farmer's Market there for us to visit and shoppe from and to do that we need the owners and Cities to know how important they are to us. Don't assume that they day they might be gone when you show up and then it will be to late.

One last thing before I close...Can't leave without sharing where you can find the Tomato Basil Juice Recipe... You know the one I mentioned earlier, just visit Recipes 4 Shweet Living. There you will find our new recipe and lots of others as well. 
Til Tomorrow
~Stay Juicy

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reboot Your Life Website Update!

Today's blog is all about the newly updated Reboot Your Life website. This is the website/Community hosted by Joe Cross and all about getting healthy. I was so pleased to visit it today and see how fast and main streamed the new site is. Now, if you have not seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead yet you can go to the Reboot Your Life site and watch the whole movie right there for FREE! ( If you are wondering Reboot Your Life IS the same as Join the fact the link is ).

Come by and register and look around. Recipes, Blogs and even Nutritionists are there. If you are looking for help on planning your reboot meal plans go by and check out the  Reboot PLANS. Download the PDF Files so you can have your plan right in front of you...They make it so easy to succeed!

Wanted to share one of the Juice recipes I saw on the site that I  LOVE! 
This is a great alternate to the MEAN GREEN Recipe that is of course from Joe Cross as well!

Citrus Inspired Green Juice
 6-8 leaves Kale
 6-8 leaves Swiss Chard
 1 Cucumber
 6 Clementines
Juice and enjoy over ice!
Here are a few ideas on how to customize this juice:
1. Substitute any greens, like spinanch, as desired.
2. Use 2-3 oranges in place of clementines.
3. Keep the stalks on the greens for more juice yield!

So take care and check out the new Reboot Your Life It WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Til Tomorrow
Stay Juicy
(More Recipes at Recipes 4 Shweet Living )

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Seven Steps to Reverse "Diabesity." from my Friend Wendy Cheek

Sorry I have not been around still recovering from that bad back pain, will fill you in on that in a later blog. BUT today's blog is a post that one of my Support Group Friends made in our group. It says so much to me and I feel like it needs to be repeated here for everyone to read and take note of. Thanks Wendy Cheek not only for this post but for all the Support and Advise you give me and the others in our groups. YOU are so appreciated and loved!

Seven steps to reverse "diabesity."
#1: Get tested. 
(You can do this with your doctor, or you can do the mirror test: stand in front of a mirror and take off your shirt. Jump up and down and if your belly jiggles, you're probably affected with "diabesity."

#2: You must learn how to EAT your medicine. You can HEAL with MEALS. The most powerful medicine is at the end of your fork. 
#3: Get a metabolic tune-up with supplements (We need Fish Oil, a good Multi and Vitamin D and PGX)
#4: Get moving and get relaxed. (You need to move....or you won't.) And you should relax every day...stress makes us fat. Relaxing makes us lean.
#5: Get clean and go green. (If you hit a plateau, you might be toxic) Drink tons of water. Empty your bowels every day. Sweat a lot. And do deep breathing. These are the ways your body gets rid of toxins. 
#6: Get personal. (Sorry...I missed the details on this one.)
#7: Get together. Find a buddy. Join a group or create a group. Support is a powerful strategy to create change in your life.

If you are looking for a good support group and you are FACEBOOK and juice...PLEASE JOIN OUR REBOOTER BUDDIES.

If you are interested in living VEGAN or ARE VEGAN please join the VEGAN VEGUCATION  Facebook Support Group.

Looking for a great healthy way for you and your family to live? I would suggest Dr Fuhrman's EAT TO LIVE Support Group on FACEBOOK.

Now Guys if you are juicing ONLY, that means no smoothies, no bites or nibbles of anything else, and would like to commit to 30 days of STRAIGHT ONLY JUICING... PLEASE Feel free to email and about the current Monthly Challenge. We hold monthly challenges with an AMAZING SUPPORT GROUP who is there to lend support, offer recipes and any advise you might need. I can send you the link to the current month where you go and join us in our private group.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Produce Haul from ALDI's...

Friday I decided it was time to stop in a store I have passed by but never been in before. So Kassy and I grabbed a cloth shopping bag and we drove to ALDI's to check it out. Walking outside the store we noticed the shopping carts were locked together...ODD. Okay, You pay a quarter to *rent* your cart. Good way to cut costs, you get your money back when you return your cart and hook it back up. Makes good sense to me. (I think I will apply the same method to Kassy cleaning her room.)

As we stepped into the store at first I thought, " Oh, No this is not a store for me. Looks like it is mainly all boxes and processed foods. THEN I discovered the small but wonderful fresh food section. WOW! We struck gold. We were trying to fill our one little bag with fresh food when the store manager came by and told us we can always ask the clerks for a quarter and they will *loan* us one for a cart anytime. HOW NICE!

Well let us show you our ALDI's Haul! Now, not all was for me and my Juice Cleanse. Yes you do see GREEN TEA...MY Morning Drink and also you see something that is not for me at all Rice Snacks. Those are for hubby. At least it is not fried chicken or M & Ms.
Let me give you a run down on the food cost for yesterday's shopping so you can see WHY I WILL BE RETURNING TO ALDI's.

Green Tea Bags 1.19
Granny Smith Apples 3 pounds 1.99 
Granny Smith Apples 3 pounds 1.99
Anjou Pears 3 pounds .98
Roma Tomatoes (8) 1 pound .99
Roma Tomatoes (8) 1 pound .99
Cantaloupe .99 
Jicama .89  for the whole thing!!!
Strawberries 16 oz .99
Pineapple .99
frozen peaches  1.99
Cucumbers- .59 each got 10 HUGE ones so 5.90
Huband's Rice Snacks 1.99
Large Mango Orange Naked Drink for Husband 3.99

Before leaving the store I made a point to speak to the manager and told him how excited I was to find the store and how beautiful the fresh produce looked. The prices were wonderful and why I was excited to find it (Juicing and what it exactly was.) I also asked him what my chances were of getting kale into any of the ALDI stores? He explained that the stores ordered all not for 1 but for all. So if folks were asking for it in other places then it would be ordered for all stores. So, IF you live near an ALDI and you shop there, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ASK YOUR MANAGER TO ORDER KALE! EXPLAIN WHY. If you are eating RAW or semi-raw ask for it also. Don't feel comfortable asking in person...GO ONLINE and EMAIL THEM from their website. 

 FYI... You can do this for any and all of the stores you visit. Say your local Kroger's runs out of Kale on a regular bases (mine does)? go online and request that they order more. Explain that you are a regular client and come in for Kale and it is almost always out of stock. Kale is used in salads, cooked, it is used as a chip and you are using it to improve your life as a juice.  You will be so surprised how many people want to know all about what you are doing when you mention it. LOL

Well, This old lady got sure a haul yesterday of produce and I guess I have been feeling so good that i forgot that I do have a mess of underlying issues. ( fibro, arthritis,siccia  so much more). Someone left a big container of salt behind my juicer and I knocked it all over the kitchen floor. (One way to get rid of all the extra salt in my husband's diet). So out came the vacuum and when I reached over to make sure I got all the salt off the floor... I could not get up. I am sitting or rather bent over in the middle of my kitchen, tears rolling down my face... in pain but the tears are more from me laughing than the pain. I am talking to myself out loud cause I am the only one home...Self, GOOD THING YOU Have lost most of your spare tire around your middle or you would be laying on the cold hard kitchen floor for the next 4 hours til someone gets home from work. As it was I i did the "monkey walk" into the living room to the closet chair I could find and lowered myself into it. Then when the time came to get up I learned that I can not stand up. So one thing I have learned my friends....  Produce can be harmful to you health. LOL  Don't try to carry to much in one bag or two. Split it up into lot of bags and make several trips from the car to the apartment.

Well, Guess that is it for today. This old lady is feeling her age for the first time in the past 2 months so I guess I will grab my Mean Green and retire to the bedroom for a little much needed rest. I know it will take a while to recover so I better give myself plenty of good nutrients and vitamins to heal. 

Hope to post a new recipe or two tonight maybe tomorrow.
Til then...Stay Juicy

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 71 Down to A Size 18 Feeling WONDERFUL

Hello my wonderful friends and fellow Juicing Peeps! I am so exciting and frankly amazed to say it is now Day 71 of my Juice Cleanse. WOW 71 Days Straight of nothing but lovely Fresh Raw Vegetable Fruit Juice! I must say I never thought I would last a week much less *71* days! I started out at 259 pounds and a size 24 and at my last weight in some time last week (before I put my scale away for a month) I weighed 215. I now am wearing a size 18 and the one pair of jeans I purchased are getting  a wee bit loose...and I LOVE IT!
I still have a long way to go and it is still tough going many days. Do I miss food? There are many days when Kassy walks in the house with her french fries I could just grab one of her hand and eat it, but I don't. It would defeat all I have done. So instead I grab a juice. I keep them made up just for that reason!

I try to remember to go to the pool  when I can and water walk , water run and swim around some. Have to beat the kids  out there now that school is out for the summer. So guess I will be getting up in the mornings and heading out and stepping into a nice COOL POOL...Guess that is a good way to wake up the body in the morning right? I decided to be very brave and post a picture of my and Zoe swimming last Sunday at my nephew's birthday party. I lost so much weight in my arms I now have *turkey arms*. I have to work on those too to firm up the skin,( but first have to unfreeze the shoulders so I can). So if you know of any good low impact exercises for turkey arms post those suggestions right here!
  Tomorrow starts a new month and a new day. Just remember if you decide to try your hand at adding a Juice Cleanse to your life, it is something you don't have to do all the time like I am doing. Tomorrow I will tell you how we are incorporating it into my husband's life. He has chosen to use juice in a different way. each person must listen to their own body and follow it.  
Until Tomorrow.
Stay Juicy~

New Recipe will be on the Recipes Blog tonight

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stages of Juice Detoxification

I wanted to share with ya'll the different things you might be feeling as you start juicing. It is fine and normal to feel different ways and your body to go through different reactions as it releases the toxins it has been storing for years and years. I myself was amazed at the colors my tongue turned from day to day and it even depended on what juices I have been drinking.

 I just shared with you  the picture with you off all the tongues and what  I have learned from my support group on facebook with you. Some I use and you might want too...some I don't but you might find you will. It's all about sharing what we know or learn and letting each of us decide for ourselves which is right for us. 
If anyone is interested in joining our facebook group Rebooter Buddies just click and JOIN GROUP BUTTON.
As always if you have questions drop me a note and I will try to answer or ask from someone in my group.

Also added new recipes today on the Recipes 4 Shweet Living Blog so pop over and check them out!

~~Juice ON!~~

The Different Juice Fasting Stages of Detoxification
A single cell within the human body is more complex than the most modern supercomputer. The process of removing a hundred thousand antigens, each with unique molecular properties, from trillions of functioning cells is indeed a complex process. Imagine three trillion cells being repaired during the function of countless biochemical processes needed for life. Even the best mechanics have to turn off the engine. Yet, the body has millions of micro mechanics that do this with ease.
One of the body’s automatic maintenance processes is the destruction of foreign microorganisms. When looking through a dark-field microscope, countless parasites are clearly visible. I observed parasites living inside blood cells. Several could be seen eating cholesterol, and I was amazed to see one swim. Watching lymphocytes moving in the blood was like a science-fiction movie. These complex, lymphocyte organisms attached themselves and engulfed toxins. As they did, their colorations flowed into fascinating patterns leaving me with a sense of wonder and respect for the miraculous ability and infinite complexity of the human body.

Fasting Detoxification Stages
Here is an overview of the detoxification stages during a juice fast. The time periods are a general estimation.

Stage 1 (Day 1 To Day 2)
On the first day of fasting, the blood sugar level drops below 70 mg/dl. To restore the blood to the normal glucose level, liver glycogen is converted to glucose and released into the blood. This reserve is enough for half a day. The body then reduces the basal metabolic rate (BMR). The rate of internal chemical activity in resting tissue is lowered to conserve energy. The heart slows and blood pressure is reduced. Glycogen is pulled from the muscle causing some weakness. The first wave of cleansing is usually the worst.
Headaches, dizziness, nausea, bad breath, glazed eyes and a heavily coated tongue are signs of the first stage of cleansing. Hunger can be the most intense in this period unless the enema is used which quickly assists the body into the fasting state by ending digestion in the colon.

Stage 2 (Day 3 To Day 7)
Fats, composed of transformed fatty acids, are broken down to release glycerol from the gliceride molecules and are converted to glucose. The skin may become oily as rancid oils are purged from the body. People with problem-free skin may have a few days of pimples or even a boil. A pallid complexion is also a sign of waste in the blood. Ketones are formed by the incomplete oxidation of fats. It is suspected that the ketones in the blood suppress the appetite by affecting the food-satiety center in the hypothalamus. You may feel hungry for the first few days of the fast. This effect is temporary. The desire to eat will disappear. Lack of hunger may last 40 to 60 days, depending on whether you are on water or juice.
The body embraces the fast and the digestive system is able to take a much-needed rest, focusing all of its energies on cleansing and healing. White blood cell and immune system activity increases. You may feel pain in your lungs. The cleansing organs and the lungs are in the process of being repaired. Periodically, the lymphatic system expels mucoid matter through the nose or throat. The volume excreted of this yellow-colored mucus can be shocking. The sinuses go through periods of being clogged, then will totally clear. The breath is still foul and the tongue coated. Within the intestine, the colon is being repaired and impacted feces on the intestinal wall start to loosen.

Stage 3 (Day 8 to Day 15)
On the latter part of an extended fast, you can experience enhanced energy, clear-mindedness and feel better than you have felt since childhood. On the downside, old injuries may become irritated and painful. This is a result of the body’s increased ability to heal during fasting. If you had broken your arm 10 years before, there is scar tissue around the break. At the time of the break, the body’s ability to heal was directly related to lifestyle. If you lived on a junk-food diet, the body’s natural healing ability was compromised.
During fasting, the body’s healing process is at optimum efficiency. As the body scours for dead or damaged tissue, the lymphocytes enter the older, damaged tissue secreting substances to dissolve the damaged cells. These substances irritate the nerves in the surrounding region and cause a reoccurrence of aches from previously injured areas that may have disappeared years earlier. The pain is good as the body is completing the healing process. The muscles may become tight and sore due to toxin irritation. The legs can be the worst affected, as toxins accumulate in the legs. Cankers are common in this stage due to the excessive bacteria in the mouth. Daily gargling with salt and water will prevent or heal cankers.

Stage 4 (Day 16 to Day 30)
The body is completely adapted to the fasting process. There is more energy and clarity of mind. Cleansing periods can be short with many days of feeling good in between. There are days when the tongue is pink and the breath is fresh. The healing work of the organs is being completed. After the detoxification mechanisms have removed the causative agent or render it harmless, the body works at maximum capacity in tissue proliferation to replace damaged tissue. While a short fast will reduce the symptoms, a longer fast can completely heal. Homeostatic balance is at optimum levels. The lymphatic system is clean except for a rare discharge of mucus through the nose or throat. After day 20, the mind is affected. Heightened clarity and emotional balance are felt at this time. Memory and concentration improve.

Stage 5 (Breaking the Fast)
The sticky, toxic, mucoid coating on the intestinal wall is loose, and the first meal frees it from the intestinal wall. Toxins enter the blood through the colon. The gallbladder dumps its waste in a heavy discharge of bile. This can cause an instant bowel movement upon eating followed by intense diarrhea. If the symptoms are too uncomfortable, an enema will help.

This article was written by, Mr. Tom McGregor, author of Eating in Freedom.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Your Tongue Tells It All...

Are U surprised that the one little thing that gets us into so much trouble, can also be the one thing that can can help diagnose illness by simply grabbing a mirror and a bright light?
Take a good look at the chart below and your tongue.
Do you see something that looks familiar?

Amazing things are body.... What we put in them good or bad has to come out of them. Sometimes it will take many years and many diseases later for it to show up. By changing your eating habits to that of a raw diet you can reverse the bad and remove the toxins from your body.
I have been amazed at the changes in myself and my husband, Marty.
I have been on a total Juice only diet since March 21, 2012. 
My husband has been on a Juice and healthy food diet. 
No fried food, dairy and eating as much raw as 
possible. No red meat either. 
One little  ~ToNgUe~ hint before I close this post today. When you are juicing be sure to brush your teeth, gums and tongue after every glass. The juice tends to set in your mouth. Also, remember from the chart above, your body is releasing toxins through your tongue so your will want to get those nasty toxins out and of your mouth and gone as soon as your can.

That's all today.
Til Tomorrow.
Photo from Judi Finneran 

Recipe for Today Yummo! Red, White and Blue Juice

Perfect Juice for the HOT Memorial Weekend!
Strawberry Blueberry Jicama Juice.
Very Easy to Make and Oh So Good For YOU!

1 Jicima (peeled and cut into pieces)
1 cups of fresh blueberries
6 oz  Strawberries

        Juice all of the above together and drink cold. If you like things to drink smoothies, no problem at all. Simply throw the juice into a blender add ice and blend. You now have a nice Red, White and Blue Smoothie. Jicama when juiced  creates a great deal of cloudy white liquid that is a slightly vanilla taste. It is loaded with vitamins C, A and B, along with calcium and phosphorus.

Enjoy this Good tasty juice that has lots of purposes this holiday weekend!
Remember to stop and thank those how gave their lives to make and keep us safe!
~Til later~
Stay Juicey and Healthy~

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorable Movies for YOU to GET Healthy With this Holiday Weekend

The first thing I want to say is Please while you are out and about this Memorial  Weekend take a moment to stop and say a prayer for those who are serving our country away and at home, both in the military and serving in our police, fire and other forms of service. If you happen to see an Active or Vet please take time and Say THANKS. They will probably  brush it off and say "OH, Just doing my duty." and turn red. I know my baby brother does every time I thank him. But they are going way above and beyond.
Not just them but also the families of all our service men and women, police, firemen, EMT etc...

After you say your prayer for the ones who keep us safe and free and their families & thank all of them that ya see I'm sure you will have a little bit of free time and I wanted to give you a list of some movies you might be interested in catching on Netflix or youtube. This list was made up by a friend of mine in my Rebooters group on Facebook Michael Jones. If you get a chance to see some of these movies they will help you move forward in deciding what type of life change you will want to do after you complete your juice cleanse. NOW is the time for you to start deciding what you are going to transcend into after you come off of all juice (if you are just drinking juice now).  Remember you went to all the trouble to get your body detoxed and clean...feeling great now you don't want to add all the additives and junk food back into it do you?

Here are some of the Movies. I have watched a few of these that are closed captioned. The ones in BOLD i have seen and to me I say are MUST SEES!

Here's a list of Documentaries with corresponding links. Please feel free to add to this list if you have a title to share!

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Forks Over Knives

Food Matters

Hungry For Change

Food, Inc.


Food Fight

King Corn

The Future Of Food

Others you can find on Netflix are
The Gerson Miracle
Raw for Thirty Days