Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 83 The Journey Continues

No one said this juice journey would be smooth and easy but for a while there I thought I would be one of the unique travelers. When I started my cleanse it WAS easy and smooth. No hunger pains and I was not running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. The longer I traveled down the juicing highway, the better I felt and the less  my ailments bothered me.

Then after almost 60 days I hit the inevitable pothole in my juicing journey... I got SiCk. Yes, It was not the normal sickness like I am used too either, it was a new kind.  So after wondering "Is this detox?" and my eye getting worse and worse I decided to visit the Eye Drs. Well, it was a trip in itself. Everywhere I walked the nurses and techs stopped me and asked what happened in the past 6 weeks that I looked so much smaller. Nice feeling to know they noticed but alias sad I was there a month before I had to go for my regular 3 month eye check. Anyway I had a major eye infection due NOT to my juice cleanse but to the steroids I had to use in my eyes because of my Sjogren's Disease. So antibiotics were given to take care of my poor eyes and by now the infection is even showing up in my kidneys. So I had a decision to make Juice ON? or Juice and eat raw while taking the medicines? After much thought and prayer I decided to ...JUICE ON!

So my journey continues forward. I am happy to say that for the first time since I can remember I had no issues with a round of antibiotics. Must have been the juice! Not to long after my eyes improved, I decided go grocery shopping. Found some amazing steals and deals on produce and even carried it upstairs, All By Myself. Later that same day I realized I was feeling better BUT not quite to the point of lifting 15 pound bags. So out goes the back. So on goes my journey to healing and I learned something new too. Even though I feel amazing from juicing for 80+ days, I still have to remember my body is healing. Don't over do things.

So as my journey continues I reflect on the past 83 days. I started this journey at 259 pounds and a tight size 24. Here I am 212 pounds and a size 18. I feel so much better than I have in over 25 years. So far I have lowered my medicines by 2 and I am looking forward to seeing how well my stomach and esophagus have healed next week when I visit my GI Doctor. So a few little bumps in the road and some stones even (kidney) but what journey worth traveling doesn't have some obstacles to overcome.

I have no idea where this journey will lead me but I do know the detestation's goal is to reach Better Health and a New Life Change.
Til Tomorrow
Stay Juice


  1. Hi Sandi - "Met" you on facebook and decided to peruse through your recipes and blog - great job!!
    My mom had both sjogrens & scloraderma. Wish I'd known about juicing back then.
    You are inspiring me to get started on another juice-fest myself, last summer I completed a 60-day juice-fest. Your photos look so deeee-lish!

    1. Hi! I love your blog! I have been reading it for a while now myself. Thanks for your positive comments and continued friendship on Facebook. One thing I have discovered on this journey and that is the importance of others in our Journey. Find a support group and group of like minded friends and remember to check in and share your thoughts and feelings. It helps so much to keep you on track.