Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Yummy Juice

Goodness I need to get back to posting in here. This year has been full of  family moving, new babies on their way and simply trying to keep moving forward and not backwards.

My sister has recently started to add juice to her diet and she asked me for some recipes that don't included watermelon, cucumbers and tomatoes.

So here is the first one I designed for her. You can make it as a juice or add some frozen fruit in the end to make a smoothie.

8 carrots
2 cups strawberries
3 oranges
1 cup raspberries
1 cup black grapes
1 zucchini squash (yep)
6 key limes or 1 large lime
Juice all above. If you want a juice smoothie you can freeze some into cubes and blend in a blender or you can add some of the juice to a blender and add frozen strawberries and raspberries.

How much does it make? 
well it filled up my husbands\'s big beer stein.

Love to hear how you like this juice!