Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Produce Haul from ALDI's...

Friday I decided it was time to stop in a store I have passed by but never been in before. So Kassy and I grabbed a cloth shopping bag and we drove to ALDI's to check it out. Walking outside the store we noticed the shopping carts were locked together...ODD. Okay, You pay a quarter to *rent* your cart. Good way to cut costs, you get your money back when you return your cart and hook it back up. Makes good sense to me. (I think I will apply the same method to Kassy cleaning her room.)

As we stepped into the store at first I thought, " Oh, No this is not a store for me. Looks like it is mainly all boxes and processed foods. THEN I discovered the small but wonderful fresh food section. WOW! We struck gold. We were trying to fill our one little bag with fresh food when the store manager came by and told us we can always ask the clerks for a quarter and they will *loan* us one for a cart anytime. HOW NICE!

Well let us show you our ALDI's Haul! Now, not all was for me and my Juice Cleanse. Yes you do see GREEN TEA...MY Morning Drink and also you see something that is not for me at all Rice Snacks. Those are for hubby. At least it is not fried chicken or M & Ms.
Let me give you a run down on the food cost for yesterday's shopping so you can see WHY I WILL BE RETURNING TO ALDI's.

Green Tea Bags 1.19
Granny Smith Apples 3 pounds 1.99 
Granny Smith Apples 3 pounds 1.99
Anjou Pears 3 pounds .98
Roma Tomatoes (8) 1 pound .99
Roma Tomatoes (8) 1 pound .99
Cantaloupe .99 
Jicama .89  for the whole thing!!!
Strawberries 16 oz .99
Pineapple .99
frozen peaches  1.99
Cucumbers- .59 each got 10 HUGE ones so 5.90
Huband's Rice Snacks 1.99
Large Mango Orange Naked Drink for Husband 3.99

Before leaving the store I made a point to speak to the manager and told him how excited I was to find the store and how beautiful the fresh produce looked. The prices were wonderful and why I was excited to find it (Juicing and what it exactly was.) I also asked him what my chances were of getting kale into any of the ALDI stores? He explained that the stores ordered all not for 1 but for all. So if folks were asking for it in other places then it would be ordered for all stores. So, IF you live near an ALDI and you shop there, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ASK YOUR MANAGER TO ORDER KALE! EXPLAIN WHY. If you are eating RAW or semi-raw ask for it also. Don't feel comfortable asking in person...GO ONLINE and EMAIL THEM from their website. 

 FYI... You can do this for any and all of the stores you visit. Say your local Kroger's runs out of Kale on a regular bases (mine does)? go online and request that they order more. Explain that you are a regular client and come in for Kale and it is almost always out of stock. Kale is used in salads, cooked, it is used as a chip and you are using it to improve your life as a juice.  You will be so surprised how many people want to know all about what you are doing when you mention it. LOL

Well, This old lady got sure a haul yesterday of produce and I guess I have been feeling so good that i forgot that I do have a mess of underlying issues. ( fibro, arthritis,siccia  so much more). Someone left a big container of salt behind my juicer and I knocked it all over the kitchen floor. (One way to get rid of all the extra salt in my husband's diet). So out came the vacuum and when I reached over to make sure I got all the salt off the floor... I could not get up. I am sitting or rather bent over in the middle of my kitchen, tears rolling down my face... in pain but the tears are more from me laughing than the pain. I am talking to myself out loud cause I am the only one home...Self, GOOD THING YOU Have lost most of your spare tire around your middle or you would be laying on the cold hard kitchen floor for the next 4 hours til someone gets home from work. As it was I i did the "monkey walk" into the living room to the closet chair I could find and lowered myself into it. Then when the time came to get up I learned that I can not stand up. So one thing I have learned my friends....  Produce can be harmful to you health. LOL  Don't try to carry to much in one bag or two. Split it up into lot of bags and make several trips from the car to the apartment.

Well, Guess that is it for today. This old lady is feeling her age for the first time in the past 2 months so I guess I will grab my Mean Green and retire to the bedroom for a little much needed rest. I know it will take a while to recover so I better give myself plenty of good nutrients and vitamins to heal. 

Hope to post a new recipe or two tonight maybe tomorrow.
Til then...Stay Juicy


  1. Great job! Love the blog!! I'm hoping my comments are working. Tumblr is pretty but difficult for comments!

  2. I'm enjoying your blog Sandi and I'm so proud for you and how far you've come. You are a great inspiration to us all.