Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 71 Down to A Size 18 Feeling WONDERFUL

Hello my wonderful friends and fellow Juicing Peeps! I am so exciting and frankly amazed to say it is now Day 71 of my Juice Cleanse. WOW 71 Days Straight of nothing but lovely Fresh Raw Vegetable Fruit Juice! I must say I never thought I would last a week much less *71* days! I started out at 259 pounds and a size 24 and at my last weight in some time last week (before I put my scale away for a month) I weighed 215. I now am wearing a size 18 and the one pair of jeans I purchased are getting  a wee bit loose...and I LOVE IT!
I still have a long way to go and it is still tough going many days. Do I miss food? There are many days when Kassy walks in the house with her french fries I could just grab one of her hand and eat it, but I don't. It would defeat all I have done. So instead I grab a juice. I keep them made up just for that reason!

I try to remember to go to the pool  when I can and water walk , water run and swim around some. Have to beat the kids  out there now that school is out for the summer. So guess I will be getting up in the mornings and heading out and stepping into a nice COOL POOL...Guess that is a good way to wake up the body in the morning right? I decided to be very brave and post a picture of my and Zoe swimming last Sunday at my nephew's birthday party. I lost so much weight in my arms I now have *turkey arms*. I have to work on those too to firm up the skin,( but first have to unfreeze the shoulders so I can). So if you know of any good low impact exercises for turkey arms post those suggestions right here!
  Tomorrow starts a new month and a new day. Just remember if you decide to try your hand at adding a Juice Cleanse to your life, it is something you don't have to do all the time like I am doing. Tomorrow I will tell you how we are incorporating it into my husband's life. He has chosen to use juice in a different way. each person must listen to their own body and follow it.  
Until Tomorrow.
Stay Juicy~

New Recipe will be on the Recipes Blog tonight

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