Saturday, May 26, 2012

Recipe for Today Yummo! Red, White and Blue Juice

Perfect Juice for the HOT Memorial Weekend!
Strawberry Blueberry Jicama Juice.
Very Easy to Make and Oh So Good For YOU!

1 Jicima (peeled and cut into pieces)
1 cups of fresh blueberries
6 oz  Strawberries

        Juice all of the above together and drink cold. If you like things to drink smoothies, no problem at all. Simply throw the juice into a blender add ice and blend. You now have a nice Red, White and Blue Smoothie. Jicama when juiced  creates a great deal of cloudy white liquid that is a slightly vanilla taste. It is loaded with vitamins C, A and B, along with calcium and phosphorus.

Enjoy this Good tasty juice that has lots of purposes this holiday weekend!
Remember to stop and thank those how gave their lives to make and keep us safe!
~Til later~
Stay Juicey and Healthy~

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