Monday, May 14, 2012

Went Fishing Today...Walked Around a Lake...1st Time...EVER!

Today was a first for me! Hubby came home from work and took me to Josey Ranch  to walk around the Lake there and to go fishing with him. Of course I forgot my camera and realized it the moment I stepped out of the car and saw the beautiful sky and water. The birds were flying above my head and the ducks and fish were swimming in the water. Every once in a while a heron and a lone white stork would swoop down and try to grab at the bait Marty had at his feet.

I looked online til I found a picture of this beautiful lake so that I could show you the amazing beautify of it. This picture does not do it justice. As we walked around the lake, I thought to myself how lucky I was that I lived in this busy urban city yet here in the middle of all the of the craziness is a peaceful retreat. NOT only that, HOW I have lived in this area now since 1980 and I have never walked this lake. NEVER! Even when I was younger and smaller I never did. I am so excited that I CAN ACTUALLY Walk around like this with my hubby! 40 pounds off the knees, back, ankles and hips makes a huge difference. Wonder what 40 more will mean?

Today for the first time, we took our first walk completely around the lake. Marty asked me, "did I want to go ALL THE WAY AROUND?" NOT sure HOW FAR it is... I don't care let's walk and fish. Enjoy the day. Enjoy the fact that I can actually walk out and about. As we reached the opposite side of the lake we saw a sign that read....
                    " You have just completed 
                                  a circle of 
                            Josey Ranch Lake
                                   .64 Mile" 
                      Would you like to go again?"

 I think I will take a second trip around the lake when we go on Wednesday and I will not just go around it once but at least twice.This time I will remember to bring my camera and show you the beautiful wildlife that lives inside the Urban jungle I call home.

I did remember to take my thermos of Mean Green with me. I have to remember to bring something to feed the ducks. Do you think they would like veggies or fruit? Maybe some kale perhaps?

 Remember to get out and walk if you can. Taking care of our health food wise is great but we also have to take care of our health by exercise too. I am one of the worse people to talk about this. Pain has kept me in bed or sitting for the past 15 years but not any longer. Up and at them is my new motto so walking each day aches and pains or not. Let me know what you are doing each day to get rid of those pesky inches?
 Comment here I'd love to know cause heaven knows I need some help myself
. HUGs

Til Tomorrow
Stay Juicy


  1. Hi Sandi! How fabulous that you are able to walk around the lake, and even better that you want to do it a couple of times your next visit! I am so happy for you!!

  2. How wonderful that you were able to walk around the lake. Congratulations on your weight loss!