Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Seven Steps to Reverse "Diabesity." from my Friend Wendy Cheek

Sorry I have not been around still recovering from that bad back pain, will fill you in on that in a later blog. BUT today's blog is a post that one of my Support Group Friends made in our group. It says so much to me and I feel like it needs to be repeated here for everyone to read and take note of. Thanks Wendy Cheek not only for this post but for all the Support and Advise you give me and the others in our groups. YOU are so appreciated and loved!

Seven steps to reverse "diabesity."
#1: Get tested. 
(You can do this with your doctor, or you can do the mirror test: stand in front of a mirror and take off your shirt. Jump up and down and if your belly jiggles, you're probably affected with "diabesity."

#2: You must learn how to EAT your medicine. You can HEAL with MEALS. The most powerful medicine is at the end of your fork. 
#3: Get a metabolic tune-up with supplements (We need Fish Oil, a good Multi and Vitamin D and PGX)
#4: Get moving and get relaxed. (You need to move....or you won't.) And you should relax every day...stress makes us fat. Relaxing makes us lean.
#5: Get clean and go green. (If you hit a plateau, you might be toxic) Drink tons of water. Empty your bowels every day. Sweat a lot. And do deep breathing. These are the ways your body gets rid of toxins. 
#6: Get personal. (Sorry...I missed the details on this one.)
#7: Get together. Find a buddy. Join a group or create a group. Support is a powerful strategy to create change in your life.

If you are looking for a good support group and you are FACEBOOK and juice...PLEASE JOIN OUR REBOOTER BUDDIES.

If you are interested in living VEGAN or ARE VEGAN please join the VEGAN VEGUCATION  Facebook Support Group.

Looking for a great healthy way for you and your family to live? I would suggest Dr Fuhrman's EAT TO LIVE Support Group on FACEBOOK.

Now Guys if you are juicing ONLY, that means no smoothies, no bites or nibbles of anything else, and would like to commit to 30 days of STRAIGHT ONLY JUICING... PLEASE Feel free to email and about the current Monthly Challenge. We hold monthly challenges with an AMAZING SUPPORT GROUP who is there to lend support, offer recipes and any advise you might need. I can send you the link to the current month where you go and join us in our private group.

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