Sunday, June 10, 2012

Farmer's Market Find and a New Juice..Yummo

Went to the Farmer's Market today with the family. It was so much fun strolling through the booths, picking out the fruits and vegetables we wanted to bring home to juice and eat. Zoe is the perfect age to teach her new foods and let her sample. Those 2 pearly teeth she has can do a good job on watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberries. Today she tried fresh peaches and tomatoes. She seemed to love them both! Yeah! Score 1 for healthy living!

Since we arrived at the Market towards the end of the day and we found some great bargains from our favorite vendors. Omar gave us a grocery bag FULL of bananas for only $2.00! (Wish I was eating Smoothies now.) We shared those with Keelee and Zoe. We went to Wes's Tomatoes and hit pay dirt... 25 pounds of beautiful big red tomatoes for $12.00! (Took the picture above after we shared with Keelee and I made my new Tomato Basil Juice too.)
The lessons I learned today....
1.When you visit your local Farmer's Market, visit towards the end of the day. You will get good deals.
2.Ask for a Better Deal... don't be afraid to ask too. Many vendors don't want to throw away really ripe veggies and fruits and if they know what you are doing with them...aka making juice, they are more likely to give you a good deal. ASK all they can say is no.
3. Make friends with the vendors you purchase your produce from. Learn their names and when you show up at their booth, call them by name. It may take a couple visits but after that the vendor will know and recognize you and you most likely will get a better deal. It might be lower prices or in our case our favorite vendor Omar gives us extra produce each visit.
4. Bring your friends and family to the Market and introduce them to your vendor friends! Spread the word about the good service and produce you receive! Blog about them, write a note to the owner of the Farmer's Market thanking them for being there and if it is run by the city like our Dallas market is...write to the city letting them know you are happy to have the Market there and how wonderful the produce is.
WHY? We want to keep our local Farmer's Market there for us to visit and shoppe from and to do that we need the owners and Cities to know how important they are to us. Don't assume that they day they might be gone when you show up and then it will be to late.

One last thing before I close...Can't leave without sharing where you can find the Tomato Basil Juice Recipe... You know the one I mentioned earlier, just visit Recipes 4 Shweet Living. There you will find our new recipe and lots of others as well. 
Til Tomorrow
~Stay Juicy

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