Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender...One YOU Can't Live Without!

It's not often that I find a product out there that I simply can't live without...BUT we found one! As many of you know I am in the midst of my First Juice Cleanse. I started this journey on March 21 and here it is day 86 and I discovered that HEY, I really know some cool information and tid bits that others might enjoy. So, today I wanted to share with you one really COOL Devise that we simply can't live without.
Our Hamiltion Beach Personal Blender. This blender got wonderful reviews and for $15.96 we figured we could not go wrong at least trying it out. Picked up the blender on Sunday and we have used it every day since then...MOST of the Time we use it multiple times a day.
The blender will chop up everything from fruits and veggies and even ICE. It's wide mouth makes it so simple and easy to add produce to the container. Don't overfill this baby and you will love your outcome. So simple to clean and you are ready for your next Smoothie, Sauce or Slushy.
If you are *just juicing* or as I refer to it on a JUICE CLEANSE, this blender is perfect for you. Add your veggie and fruit juices to the container and some ice cubes and pulse. Soon you will have a delicious Slushie. Take some of the outcome and add it to few mini solo cups and pop into the freezer. If your juice is thick enough from the ice you can go ahead and place your popsicle stick in the middle before placing into the freezer. If not simple add the sticks once the mixture is at a slushy stage. Freeze and pop loose...ENJOY!

Now my huband is doing a Reboot. He is drinking juice as well as eating a healthy balanced diet.
Every morning he takes some Mean Green or Fruit Juice from the fridge and adds it to the container. After that he adds 4-6 strawberries (washed and tops removed). Put on the top and pulcse until smooth. If you want you can add fresh red or black grapes (seedless) or a banana. After adding a new fruit or veggie be sure to pulse. Now you have your fruits and veggies all nice and smooth you can add a few ice cubes and again...Pulse away. Take off the top and pour into a large glass. This Smootie is nice and fruity tasting yet you are getting veggies from the Mean Green. (Remember the Smoothie would be amazing frozen like a popsicle too!)
I was so amazed at the strength of this small blender. It is nice and light so I you get one for you home remember to pick up one to have at the office or to take on trips. This Mightly little Blender gets  2 thumbs up from us. Well, time to whip up a mid morning snack while here in the office with Marty. So until tomorrow~
~Stacy Juicy~

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  1. It's not often that I find a product out there that I simply can't live without...