Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oops I did it Again... I Ate!

Yep you read that right I ate something. When I first started my juice cleanse I set a goal for 10 days. After about 3 days I knew I would go 30. Half way into that 30 I set my goal for 60 and then I set it for 90. I ended up on a total juice cleanse for 98 days before I had my first piece of fruit.

Success!!  I lost a total of 47 pounds and 8 inches on my waist. I went from a size 24 to size 18. I started this journey unable to walk from my Tree House Apt to the mail box and now I am able to walk a mile and a half. I think one of the best side effects of the juice cleanse is it has helped my body heal and in healing it has allowed me to remove several of my many medicines.
1.No more depression meds... I am so happy and feel better than I have in more years than I can remember. 2.No more migraine medicine. Two weeks into my juice cleanse my 12+ year long, constant, NEVER ending migraine finally just disappeared. Went to bed with it one day and the next morning I woke up and it was not there. Poof !Gone!
3. When beginning this cleanse my cholesterol level was 285 now it is back in normal range. that was at 60 days. So no more cholesterol medicines needed.
4. Ulcer medicines are GONE! Yep I was taking a 1200.00 a month ulcer medicine called AciHex. It is the only medicine that I have ever taken that allowed me to sleep laying down.  By adding cabbage and other veggies in the cabbage family like bok choy to my juices once a day I am healing my stomach and intestines and it has allowed me to get off of that pill as well.

Amazing!!! I feel better than i can ever remember. YES I ate something but i was fruit or veggie and still very healthy. So as of now I am back on the Juice Cleanse so I am praying to be 100 pounds lighter this time next year. Well off to make some Juice and free some for sorbet later.
|~Til tomorrow

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  1. Congrats!!! You are one dedicated lady. Keep up the good work!!!!