Sunday, September 2, 2012

Funday Sunday with the Family

September 2 was another Funday Sunday where in the Tree House. Zoe Bug and her Momma where here all day long. Momma and I sneaked away to go birthday shopping for The Bug's 1st birthday next weekend. We visited a Whole Foods first to get a fresh made juice... I had a BEET IT (orange, beets, carrots and lemons) and Keelee had a Good Morning Juice (orange, carrots and apples.) The perfect start for our 4 store shopping spree. Whole Foods and Sprouts for our good healthy foods and soaps and Dollar Tree and Target for party supplies and birthday clothing. Even picked up Zoe's 1st Christmas gift from Fisher Price (of course). Got some fun snapshots of the baby playing with the citrus and apples here at the house. Lots of fun now time to sleep so I can finish her 1st Birthday doll and whip up some doll blankets and pillow for her buggy.

Til tomorrow
Stay juicing and healthy!

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