Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wonderful Saturday Morning!! Fresh Food and A Promising Outlook

This was a wonderful way to start the weekend. We got up early and went to pick up our Bountiful Basket.
What is a Bountiful Basket you ask?
BBFC is a group of people who work together for mutual benefit. This is a grassroots, all volunteer, no contracts, no catch co-operative. Since there are no employees at Bountiful Baskets, we as a group pay rock bottom prices on your food. This also means the co-op would not happen without volunteers. If you are interested in the co-op continuing, please volunteer occasionally. All it takes is a little time, energy and a smile. Volunteer opportunities include helping prepare the baskets, breaking down boxes, assisting with the distribution, and packing up. To help out, simply arrive an hour early dressed and ready to work with water to drink.<br>
To find out more about Bountiful Baskets in your community check out their website.
This was our first time to but it certainly won't be the last. This is what we got....
 We ordered the Bountiful Basket  plus Tropical add box on contained 1 box of mushrooms, 5 red apples, 5 bananas,5 yellow bell peppers, 8 bags of carrots ( got more because we helped out and there were left over’s), 34 Bussell sprouts, 7 nectarines, 1 big bag of green grapes, 2 avocados, 1 cabana melon, 1 coconut, 6 yellow mangoes, 5 limes, 1 butter lettuce, 1 plantain and 4 vanilla beans. Might have forgotten something but it was a lot of stuff. 

After we left the place were we picked up our baskets and volunteered, we decided to visit the Heart of Texas Show in Plano. Boy was I so happy we stopped in. We ran into Dr Ferrell and his wife from The Wellness Institute in Frisco. After talking to them he offered to have me come to the Institute so they can see if they can find the cause of all my problems. Also after talking to them Marty and I realized the chiropractor we were going to was really just doing PT. I am very excited. Got good food and positive outlook for maybe get a handle on this pain and illness.

Well off to watch my God Daughters' graduate via live feed and hopefully make it to Sat Mass. We have a new priest starting today and can't wait to see if I can read his lips. 
Check the recipe blog tomorrow for a new  juice recipe.
Stay healthy and Juice ON

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