Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Day January Juicing Went Great

Sorry I did not get in here yesterday to post my beginning "shot" and weight but I was kinda busy with Zoe Bug all day long and into the evening. Wanted to re-cap Day 1 of January Juicing and share with you my Riff of Joe Cross's Mean Green Recipe I had for dinner last night and made enough for breakfast and some juicing today.

So here is my beginning shot for January 1, 2013.... Of course I am with my Zoe Bug, she's 15 months 3 weeks. My beginning weight 232 pounds. Pant size 18. Shirt Size 14/16 (some 18 if the sleeves are tight).
Tomorrow I will tell you my illnesses and medicines that I have beginning this year so you know where I am beginning this New ERA. I'll let you know Doctors updates throughout the year and other ups and downs as they happen.
Last night I made up 2 litters of my favorite Juice just to get a head start on Tuesday. Also, I knew that I would be home "alone" today and wanted juice on hand so  I would not be tempted to grab a bite of fruit while making up juice if I got hungry.
This is one of my Zoe Bug's favorite juices and mine too. This is a riff of Joe Cross's Mean Green from "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" movie.
2 bundles of kale 
( clean kale, remove kale leaves from the thick ribs to keep juice from being bitter)
1/2 bundle of spinach or 2 cups baby spinach (cleaned)
4 granny smith apples (large)
2 Macintosh apples
1 bundle of celery
3 large cucumbers peeled
4 oranges peeled (large)
2 large lemons peeled
(you can add ginger if you like ginger about 1/4 inch would be good...add it before the cucumbers)
Juice all the produce in the order they are shown. 
Remove the thick ribs from kale, chard, spinach to take away bitterness from juice.
Wrap leaves around apple slices before adding to the slot to juice. This will get more juice from your leafy greens.
Peel cucumbers esp if they are not organic... most cucumbers are waxed, so you do not want that in your juices.
Lemon juice is wonderful and I like to juice the peel as well. It is an acquired taste, so add a small amount of peel at a time and work your way up to the whole lemon. Again organic lemons are best for juicing the rind.
The reason I juice in the order I do is so that the produce with the most liquid will "wash" out any sludge or reside. That way you are not loosing  any of your vitamins and nutrients.
Last but not least, the most important thing...
Taste as you go. Add if you need too. If you don't like it remember for the next time and adjust... if you do like it...write it down. I personally use my cell phone and snap pictures of the produce I am juicing. If I like the juice I keep the pictures. That way i know what was in the juice.
Remember try to keep it 80% Vegetable to 20% fruit and have fun!
Til Later 
I am off to send some recipes to folks
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